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Permission and payment notes

Notes will be uploaded to the website after they have been sent home with the students.

All-in-one permission note

The All-in-One Permission Note is sent home at the start of each school year. It provides the school with permission to allow students to participate in certain school activities. For more information please download and view the All-in-One permission note.

2020 Semester 1 events, excursions and extra curricular activities payment

Hobartville Public School offers many excellent programs, resources and activities to all of the students in our school. Unfortunately many of these events come at a financial cost. While the school tries to subsidise the cost  of these programs as much as possible, there is still a small cost for the overall value of what the programs entail.

For more information please download and view the 2020 Semester 1 Events, Excursions & Extra Curricular Activities Payment

Payments are due by Friday 8 May, 2020 (end of Week 2, Term 2).

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