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What your child needs

To assist your child to achieve the best learning outcomes possible it is necessary for them to come to school well prepared. To enable this to happen, we ask that you purchase for them some essential items.

The equipment needed varies from Stage to Stage. The following links give a list of the requirements needed for each Stage. Please be aware that some of these items need to be replaced throughout the year as they are used up, become worn or lost.

Labeling your child's possessions with their name will help the return of misplaced items.

Children love working with sharpened pencils, bright colours, clean materials and will give their best effort when given the opportunity.

You can assist your child by regularly checking their school bag and replacing and replenishing these items.

Kindergarten 2020 (PDF 210KB)

Stage 1 2020 (PDF 214KB)

Stage 2 2020 (PDF 213KB)

Stage 3 2020 (PDF 218KB)

Support Kindergarten 2020 (PDF 207KB)

Support Years 1 and 2 2020 (PDF 212KB)

Support Years 3 - 6 2020 (PDF 218KB)