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Chaplaincy Program

Under the Federal governement funding scheme, Hobartville employs the services of a chaplain. Our current chaplain is Mick Pope. The role of the chaplain is a pastoral role with a focus on well-being and student support networks. 

My name is Mick Pope, I am the school chaplain. It is my role in Hobartville to be a person who brings a caring presence to the community.

I am passionate to be connecting with children, parents and the staff as I love being able to bring strength and care to the community as a whole. It is a joy to work with children in classes helping in various ways.

I’m always on the look out to help care in any way the community needs, whether it is physical, educational, spiritual, mental or emotional development. I am passionate to see all thrive and find joy in the school community.

I love music, sport and practical activities and find time with different classes being able to develop children in these.

Additionally, I share in leading breakfast club and look to run other programs that help children grow in resilience, leadership and all different skills.

I’m always good for a catch up and conversation so never hesitate to ask!

Thanks Mick!